JÖRGEN DAFGÅRD is a Sweden-based full time professional composer. Having just finished his diploma studies Dafgård made a striking debut in 2000 with his orchestral work Veils. As first prize winner at the Stockholm Berwald Hall and top ten contribution in the international Masterprize competition Veils has been performed a dozen times and has been heard on radio all around the world. In 2013 Jörgen Dafgård was Composer of Spring at the Berwald Hall, where many of his orchestral works were performed, including a premiere of the clarinet concerto Caprism. In 2017 the premiere of Dafgård's soprano saxophone concerto Abrasax with Anders Paulsson was a great success.



Double Concerto
For Violin, Viola and String Orchestra

To be premiered by Duo Gelland
and Kammarorkester Öresund

Commissioned by Kammarorkester Öresund
and Norrbottens Kammarorkester
with support from the Helge Ax:son Johnson Foundation


Through Fire and Water to be premiered with MSO
01 Jun 2010
Malmö Symphony Orchestra has just released their general program for the next season. Jörgen Dafgård's new work Through Fire and Water for large orchestra will be premiered on February 17 2011. It will be conducted by Daniel Raiskin, who made a fine interpretation of Dafgård's Mosaïque Vibrante with MSO in February this year. There is a midi simulation of Through Fire and Water here to the left. Through Fire and Water will be published by Gehrmans.
Veils on Swedish Radio P2
29 Mar 2010
Today Jörgen Dafgård's prize-winning work Veils for orchestra can be heard on Swedish Radio P2. It is the recording from the first performance in 2000 with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Manfred Honeck that is broadcast around 11 a.m. in Klassisk förmiddag. The emission can be heard for a month on the program's home page.
Malmö Chamber Orchestra performs Volo
17 Mar 2010
Jörgen Dafgård's Volo for string orchestra will be performed by the Malmö Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Alexander Einarsson on Tuesday, April 20, at 7:30 p.m. at Palladium. This will be the fifth performance of Volo since the premiere with Musica Vitae in Autumn 2004, but it will also be the premiere of the revised version of the work which has recently been published on Edition Suecia. In addition to Volo there is among other works on the varied program of the evening a first performance by Peter Bjuhr where also the ContemporarY Ensemble performs.
Successful new premiere
16 Feb 2010
The Malmö Symphony Orchestra made a committed performance of Jörgen Dafgård's Mosaïque Vibrante under the direction of Daniel Raiskin on Thursday, February 11, at the concert hall, and the audience gave the work a warm and enthusiastic reception. Nothing but praise came from musicians as well as from composers and others in the audience after the concert, and the press was also positive. "It was extremely enjoyable: a refined sparse tone language with a certain Gallic-impressionistic touch and a distinct thread throughout the entire composition", Lars-Erik Larsson wrote among other things in his review in Skånska Dagbladet.
For the Sleeping on Composer's Radio
12 Feb 2010
From today on Jörgen Dafgård's For the Sleeping - Dream Sonata for viola and tape can be heard in its entire length on the Society of Swedish Composers' web radio channel Composer's Radio. The recording with Henrik Frendin is from on the CD Viola con forza (Phono Suecia PSCD 151) which was nominated for a Grammis (the Swedish Grammy award) in 2004.
Mosaïque Vibrante with MSO
29 Jan 2010
Jörgen Dafgård's Mosaïque Vibrante will be performed by the Malmö Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Daniel Raiskin on Thursday, February 11, at 7:30 p.m. at the Malmö Concert Hall. This will be the premiere of a revised version of Mosaïque Vibrante. The concert starts with Tchaikovsky's symphonic ballad Vojevoden, after which the world pianist Sergio Tiempo performs with the orchestra in Rachmaninov's Rhapsody over a theme by Paganini. Dafgård's Mosaïque Vibrante is played after the break and is followed by Stravinsky's long suite compiled in 1945 from The Firebird.
Program change
29 Jan 2010
According to the season program, Jörgen Dafgård's new work for large orchestra Through Fire and Water should have been premiered on February 11 by the Malmö Symphony Orchestra. However, in order to save money, the financially troubled orchestra will instead give a concert with works for a somewhat smaller orchestra this night. In the program for February 11 MSO has replaced their commissioned work Through Fire and Water, which was completed some time ago, with Jörgen Dafgård's Mosaïque Vibrante. Through Fire and Water will be premiered by MSO on a later occasion.
Essay on Volo in Nutida Musik
06 Nov 2009
In the latest issue of the periodical Nutida Musik Jörgen Dafgård tells about how Volo came into being in his essay "Flyktförsök. Om den kreativa processen bakom Volo". Dafgård tells personally about the creative process behind Volo from idea to performance and analyses at the same time the work's formal development seen as a dynamic interplay of forces.
Volo published on Edition Suecia
09 Sep 2009
Jörgen Dafgård's Volo for string orchestra is now available in a new revised edition on Edition Suecia. The score is the first to be given the publisher's new semi-transparent cover. The both playfully and wildly rhythmical work got good reviews throughout and was very appreciated during the tour that the commissioner Musica Vitae made in connection with the first performance in Autumn 2004.
New work for orchestra completed
07 Apr 2009
A new work for large orchestra by Jörgen Dafgård titled Through Fire and Water is now completed. The work, which has a duration of thirteen minutes, was presented at the beginning of February for the commissioner Malmö Symphony Orchestra, who intends to perform it for the first time at the beginning of next year. If you want to know how it sounds, you can already listen to a computer-simulated version here to the left under the heading Listen. Through Fire and Water will be published by Gehrmans.
Revision of Volo completed
31 Mar 2009
Shortly Volo for string orchestra will be published by Edition Suecia. Before the publication the work has gone through a thorough revision. The notation has been improved, some completing indications have been added and some passages have been reworked for practical reasons or to create better transitions. The revision is based on experiences during rehearsals and concert performances of the work. Moreover, especially the transitions have been overlooked in order to work out certain original compositional ideas in a more full-bodied way.
New work for orchestra arouses interest in Germany
11 Mar 2009
A new work for large orchestra by Jörgen Dafgård titled Ad Astra was completed in a first version at the beginning of January. The six minutes long raw version was sent in to a composition competition preceding Pyromusikale, a large festival with music accompanying fireworks at Tempelhof Airport in Berlin on 9-11 July. According to the jury's chairman Achim Schwarze a large number of highly qualified contributions from all around the world had been sent in to the competition. In a letter to the composer he tells that Ad Astra has reached a good place in the competition, sends an invitation and free tickets to the festival and hopes that the composer will participate in the next competition. Even if Ad Astra wasn't among the three winning contributions, Dafgård is satisfied with the result, especially when keeping in mind that, since January, a lot of details in the instrumentation and dynamics of the piece has been added. Ad Astra can be seen as an offshoot of the larger work Through Fire and Water, which is commissioned by the Malmö Symphony Orchestra. More about the latter shortly.
New bagatelle for piano premiered
20 Nov 2008
During the publisher Gehrmans' Autumn Concert on 19 November at Forum in Stockholm, the pianist Niklas Sivelöv premiered Jörgen Dafgård's newly written Bagatell for piano. The short piece was part of a longer joint composition to which many of Gehrmans' composers had contributed. As usual the Autumn Concert was followed by a party where many well-known profiles from the Swedish music scene were present. At the same event in 2008 the conductor Aders Eby led the Mikaeli Chamber Choir in Jörgen Dafgård's My Garden - Like the Beach.
Inspirational meeting with the Nordic Chamber Ensamble
28 Oct 2008
On October the 28th Jörgen Dafgård met the Nordic Chamber Ensemble to discuss the new commission. Starting from music examples played by the composer and the ensemble, the discussion concerned form, expression and practical conditions. The new work will be around twenty minutes long and have its first performance in 2010.
Veils with Oramo and the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra
15 Sep 2008
Reviews (in Swedish) from the performances of Jörgen Dafgård's Veils by the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Sakari Oramo in May can now be found among the concert reviews under the heading Press. Veils was throughout very well received by press and audience alike. Musicians, conductors, composers and others expressed themselves very enthusiastically about the work after the concerts.
Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra performs Veils on the 15th and 17th of May 2008
12 May 2008
Soon it is time for the new Chief Conductor Sakari Oramo to conduct the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra in two performances of Jörgen Dafgård's Veils. The performances take place at the Stockholm Concert Hall on Thursday the 15th of May at 19.30 and on Saturday the 17th of May at 15.00. Both concerts end with Sheherazade by Rimsky-Korsakov. Before the intermission violinist Lisa Batiashvili is featured as soloist, on the 15th May in Magnus Lindberg's Violin Concerto and on the 17th May with Lawrence Power in Mozart's Sinfonia Concertante for violin, viola and orchestra. With these concerts Veils gets it's sixth and seventh concert performance.
New commission
28 Apr 2008
The Nordic Chamber Orchestra in Sundsvall has received a larger amount from the Swedish Arts Council to commission a new work from Jörgen Dafgård. The work will be written for the Nordic Chamber Ensemble, who plans to perform it in 2010 and possibly tour with it on the Swedish west coast and in Denmark.
Volo to be published by Edition Suecia
28 Jan 2008
Jörgen Dafgård's Volo for string orchestra will be published by Edition Suecia. The decision was made at the meeting of the publishing committee on 14 December. Volo was written in 2004 as a commission from the string orchestra Musica Vitae and was well received by audience and critics alike during the orchestra's tour in November the same year.
Sinfonia No 1 published by Gehrmans
21 Jan 2008
The music publisher Gehrmans has now published Jörgen Dafgård's Sinfonia No 1. Gehrmans has previously published Veils for orchestra and My Garden – Like the Beach for mixed choir a cappella by Dafgård. Sinfonia No 1 was first performed in Sundsvall on October 2004 by the Nordic Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Christian Lindberg.
My Garden – Like the Beach and Veils in Swedish Radio P2
14 Jan 2008
On Saturday 12 January 15.49pm Swedish Radio P2 broadcast Jörgen Dafgård's My Garden – Like the Beach in a recording from a concert in the radio building in Stockholm with the Mikaeli Chamber Choir under the direction of Anders Eby. The program can be heard here until 11 February.

On Thursday 23 August 10.03am Swedish Radio P2 broadcast Jörgen Dafgård's Veils in a recording from a concert at the Berwald Hall in Stockholm with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Manfred Honeck. More information about the program here.

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