JÖRGEN DAFGÅRD is a Sweden-based full time professional composer. Having just finished his diploma studies Dafgård made a striking debut in 2000 with his orchestral work Veils. As first prize winner at the Stockholm Berwald Hall and top ten contribution in the international Masterprize competition Veils has been performed a dozen times and has been heard on radio all around the world. In 2013 Jörgen Dafgård was Composer of Spring at the Berwald Hall, where many of his orchestral works were performed, including a premiere of the clarinet concerto Caprism. In 2017 the premiere of Dafgård's soprano saxophone concerto Abrasax with Anders Paulsson was a great success.



Kosmisk Moder
For Eight Part Mixed Choir and Violonello

Commissioned by Körcentrum Syd and Petri Sångare
with support from the Helge Ax:son Johnson Foundation


Jörgen Dafgård composer of the Spring at Berwaldhallen 2013

25 May 2012

Jörgen Dafgård is composer of the Spring at the Berwald Hall in 2013. This can be read in the newly published season's program of the Berwald Hall. Dafgård's prize-winning work Veils will be performed by the Swedish Radio Symhony Orchestra under the direction of Manfred Honeck in April and more orchestral music by Dafgård will follow in May. More to be announced shortly.

Two first performances by Jörgen Dafgård at Stöde Musikvecka in July 2012

10 Apr 2012

Jörgen Dafgård's Snösmältning for piano will be premiered at Stöde Musikvecka by Lars Jönsson at the festival's opening concert on July 23 2012 at 7:00 p.m. in the church of Stöde. The festival has also commissioned a new work by Jörgen Dafgård, namely a Clarinet Quintet, which will be premiered at the festival's final concert on July 28 2012 at 7:00 p.m. in the church of Stöde. The first performance will be made by an international elite ensemble consisting of the clarinetist Sebastian Manz, the violinists David Schultheiss and Janis Olsson, the alto violinist Wen Xiao Zheng and the cellist Kateryna Giannisiotis.

Homepage updated and redesigned

03 Jan 2012

The homepage is now updated with new sound files, pictures and texts. It has also been redesigned, by Emilie Dafgård. Furthermore, it is now possible to comment the news. Welcome to have a look around!

For the Sleeping with Sara Munters

26 Oct 2011

Tonight Jörgen Dafgård's For the Sleeping – Dream Sonata for viola and electronics is played live at club Ambush in Stockholm, with Sara Munters on viola. Earlier this year Sara Munters also performed For the Sleeping on a concert at the Royal College of Music in February, as well as on her graduation concert at Edsberg on May 25. For the Sleeping has now been performed on at least eleven concerts i Sweden, and has also recently been in demand by for example Scottish and Norwegian musicians.

Mahler Revisited back on Composer's Radio

09 Oct 2011

From the new CD, Jörgen Dafgård's Mahler Revisited is back this week on Composer's Radio.

Esprit – new work for 11 instruments completed

09 Aug 2011

Esprit, the commission from The Nordic Chamber Ensemble, is now completed. The work has a duration of around 24 minutes and contains fast music throughout. It is written in one movement but is structured in several continuous but contrasting sections and can formally be described as a sinfonietta. There is a dramaturgical thread running through the whole work. It starts playfully, but gradually the course of events gets more and more adventurous and filled with excitement and drama, to finally reach a euforic ending. The rhytmic and gestural movement is a key element in the work and has on the whole a lively and impulsive character which supports both the playfulness and the thrill. Esprit will be premiered by The Nordic Chamber Ensemble later this season (no details are known yet). The work will be published by Gehrmans.

More music by Jörgen Dafgård on Composer' Radio

12 Jun 2011

Jörgen Dafgård's Mahler Revisited, which has newly been released on CD in a recording with The Peärls Before Swïne Experience, can now be heard on Composer's Radio, which is The Society of Swedish Composers' web radio.

At the end of May the CD recording of Jörgen Dafgård's String Quartet I by The Aniara Quartet was also once again broadcasted by Composer's Radio. Henrik Frendin's CD recording of Dafgård's For the Sleeping - Dream Sonata for viola and electronics has also recently been broadcasted by Composer's Radio.

Mahler Revisited on CD

19 May 2011

Jörgen Dafgård's composition Mahler Revisited from 2010 is now available on CD in a recording with the well-renowned ensemble The Peärls Before Swïne Experience. "Communication - Perspectives 2002 - 10" is the title of the CD which is published by Chamber Sound and features music by different composers. Mahler Revisited was commissioned by the leading Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter and is a free recomposition of material from the second movement from Gustav Mahler's fifth symphony.

Through Fire and Water – new score published by Gehrmans

16 May 2011

The score to Jörgen Dafgård's well-received work Through Fire and Water for large orchestra is now available through the publisher Gehrmans. It is an optimized score with carefully designed notation and good readability. It has also been updated somewhat in connection with the first performance.

Through Fire and Water on Swedish Radio P2 and more

06 Apr 2011

The concert featuring the first performance of Jörgen Dafgård's Through Fire and Water for large orchestra can be heard in its entirety on Swedish Radio P2 on Thursday April 7, at 7:30 p.m. Through Fire and Water, which comes as the third work in the concert, will be heard around 50 minutes into the broadcasting.

On the same day at 10:48 a.m. P2 is also airing Jörgen Dafgård's String Quartet I, as it sound in a recording with the Aniara Quartet released on CD.

After the broadcastings the programs can be listened to again for a month on Swedish Radio's web radio. They can be found in "Sändningsarkiv" under P2 Live Klassiskt and Klassisk Förmiddag on the P2 section of Swedish Radio's homepage.

String Quartet I can also be heard on the Society of Swedish Composers' web radio Composer's Radio, as the starting work of this year's first new show. One of last year's shows also featured Henrik Frendin's CD recording of Jörgen Dafgård's For the Sleeping - Dream Sonata for viola and pre-recorded part.

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