JÖRGEN DAFGÅRD is a Sweden-based full time professional composer. Having just finished his diploma studies Dafgård made a striking debut in 2000 with his orchestral work Veils. As first prize winner at the Stockholm Berwald Hall and top ten contribution in the international Masterprize competition Veils has been performed a dozen times and has been heard on radio all around the world. In 2013 Jörgen Dafgård was Composer of Spring at the Berwald Hall, where many of his orchestral works were performed, including a premiere of the clarinet concerto Caprism. In 2017 the premiere of Dafgård's soprano saxophone concerto Abrasax with Anders Paulsson was a great success.



Piano Trio
Commissioned by Trio Lindgård Rodrick Öquist
with support from the Helge Ax:son Johnson foundation


More music by Jörgen Dafgård on Composer' Radio

12 Jun 2011

Jörgen Dafgård's Mahler Revisited, which has newly been released on CD in a recording with The Peärls Before Swïne Experience, can now be heard on Composer's Radio, which is The Society of Swedish Composers' web radio.

At the end of May the CD recording of Jörgen Dafgård's String Quartet I by The Aniara Quartet was also once again broadcasted by Composer's Radio. Henrik Frendin's CD recording of Dafgård's For the Sleeping - Dream Sonata for viola and electronics has also recently been broadcasted by Composer's Radio.

Mahler Revisited on CD

19 May 2011

Jörgen Dafgård's composition Mahler Revisited from 2010 is now available on CD in a recording with the well-renowned ensemble The Peärls Before Swïne Experience. "Communication - Perspectives 2002 - 10" is the title of the CD which is published by Chamber Sound and features music by different composers. Mahler Revisited was commissioned by the leading Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter and is a free recomposition of material from the second movement from Gustav Mahler's fifth symphony.

Through Fire and Water – new score published by Gehrmans

16 May 2011

The score to Jörgen Dafgård's well-received work Through Fire and Water for large orchestra is now available through the publisher Gehrmans. It is an optimized score with carefully designed notation and good readability. It has also been updated somewhat in connection with the first performance.

Through Fire and Water on Swedish Radio P2 and more

06 Apr 2011

The concert featuring the first performance of Jörgen Dafgård's Through Fire and Water for large orchestra can be heard in its entirety on Swedish Radio P2 on Thursday April 7, at 7:30 p.m. Through Fire and Water, which comes as the third work in the concert, will be heard around 50 minutes into the broadcasting.

On the same day at 10:48 a.m. P2 is also airing Jörgen Dafgård's String Quartet I, as it sound in a recording with the Aniara Quartet released on CD.

After the broadcastings the programs can be listened to again for a month on Swedish Radio's web radio. They can be found in "Sändningsarkiv" under P2 Live Klassiskt and Klassisk Förmiddag on the P2 section of Swedish Radio's homepage.

String Quartet I can also be heard on the Society of Swedish Composers' web radio Composer's Radio, as the starting work of this year's first new show. One of last year's shows also featured Henrik Frendin's CD recording of Jörgen Dafgård's For the Sleeping - Dream Sonata for viola and pre-recorded part.

Praise after the first performance of Through Fire and Water

20 Feb 2011

On Thursday February 17 Malmö Symphony Orchestra premiered Jörgen Dafgårds newly written Through Fire and Water for large orchestra under the direction of Daniel Raiskin. The premiere was very successful and led to much positive response from the audience, from the musicians and from the press.

"New Smash Hit from Jörgen Dafgård" was the headline on Lars-Erik Larsson's review in Skånska Dagbladet, where he writes: "It is a work with a clear and interresting melodic writing, intelligently cultivated with a clear line and skilful if heavy orchestration. From the impressionism in Mosaïque Vibrante Jörgen Dafgård has now travelled towards a forceful expressionism that almost takes the breath out of the listener. Like many of Jörgen Dafgård's earlier compositions Through Fire and Water will with all probability take place on the standard repertoire of contemporary Swedish orchestral music."

"Yesterday I don't think anybody was disappointed… This was absolutely no one-off work." Ulf R Johansson writes in Kvällsposten under the headline "Dafgård's successful baptism". "Promising, not least because Dafgård works with the orchestra, not against it" Matti Edén writes in Sydsvenskan. "Through Fire and Water is yet another work that whets the appetite" Johanna Paulsson from Dagens Nyheter writes in her review "Ordeal Whets the Appetite". More extensive excerpts from the reviews can be found among the concert reviews under the heading Press.

Through Fire and Water soon to be premiered

14 Feb 2011

Jörgen Dafgård's new work Through Fire and Water for large orchestra will be premiered by the Malmö Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Daniel Raiskin on Thursday, February 17, at 7:30 p.m. at the Malmö Concert Hall. The concert will be recorded by the Swedish Radio for broadcasting on P2 at a later occasion.

Jörgen Dafgård has here been working a lot with musical characterization and the work can be described as a story about development. The optimistic theme that the clarinet presents rather early has a lot of energy but also something naive about it. It is put to a serious test in a section that depicts the title word Fire, but after having come in contact with a complementary element – Water – it finds its way back and is born again with greater maturity and assurance. This constitutes a musical storyline that probably most people can relate to.

The title also alludes to the antique theory that the world is constructed from four elements: earth, air, fire and water. The developmental process that is depicted in the work can be likened to the process of refinement that the alchemists strived for (in their quest for gold) and where the four fundamental elements of antiquity have important roles.

Veils to be performed again at Berwaldhallen on October 14 and 15 2010

07 Oct 2010

Jörgen Dafgård's prize-winning work Veils (Slöjor) will be performed by the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Xian Zhang at Berwaldhallen in Stockholm on Thursday, October 14, at 6:00 p.m. and on Friday, October 15, at 7:30 p.m. The program also includes Beethoven's Piano Concerto Nr 3 and with Lars Vogt and Elgar's Enigma Variations. The concert on Friday will be broadcast live on Swedish Radio P2 and can be heard again on P2 on Sunday, October 24, at 9:30 p.m.

Veils has been played before at Berwaldhallen, on April 7 and 8 2000, when the work had its first performance as the winning contribution in the composition competition of the Swedish Radio and Berwaldhallen. The first performance was broadcast in many countries around the world. In 2003. several millions of readio listeners could hear Veils broadcast by the British Classic FM and the American NPR, when Veils among a thousand contributions reached the top ten in the world's leading composition competition Masterprize.

SInce its first performance Veils has been played a lot by leading Swedish orchestras, most recently at two concerts in May 2008 by the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Sakari Oramo. At Berwaldhallen Veils will now have its eighth and ninth concert performance. After the concert on Thursday there will be a release party in the foyer of Berwaldhallen for a CD with music from the series of remixes of classical masterpieces recently published on leading Swedish news site, to which Jörgen Dafgård has contributed with Mahler Revisited, a recomposition of the second movement from Gustav Mahler's Fifth Symphony, performed by the quartet The Peärls Before Swine Experience.

Mahler Revisited on and YouTube

01 Jul 2010

Jörgen Dafgård's new piece Mahler Revisited, a "remix" of the second movement from Gustav Mahler's Fifth Symphony is now published on leading Swedish news site as well as on YouTube. The quartet performing Dafgård's free adaptation of the Mahler movement is the well renowned The peärls before swine experience. Welcome to listen to the recording, read the interview (in Swedish) and write a comment on! You can of course also listen and comment on YouTube.

The recording is made in CoMA's studio in Växjö by Mattias Petersson and Martin Jonsson-Tibblin and will be released on a CD published by CoMA (shortly before the sad termination of their activities due to lack of subsidiaries).

My Garden – Like the Beach on Swedish Radio P2

01 Jul 2010

On Saturday, July 10, at 3.49 p.m. Swedish Radio P2 will broadcast Jörgen Dafgård's My Garden – Like the Beach in a recording from a concert in the radio building in Stockholm with the Mikaeli Chamber Choir under the direction of Anders Eby. The program can be heard here until August 9.

Through Fire and Water to be premiered with MSO

01 Jun 2010

Malmö Symphony Orchestra has just released their general program for the next season. Jörgen Dafgård's new work Through Fire and Water for large orchestra will be premiered on February 17 2011. It will be conducted by Daniel Raiskin, who made a fine interpretation of Dafgård's Mosaïque Vibrante with MSO in February this year. There is a midi simulation of Through Fire and Water here to the left. Through Fire and Water will be published by Gehrmans.

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