JÖRGEN DAFGÅRD is a Sweden-based full time professional composer. Having just finished his diploma studies Dafgård made a striking debut in 2000 with his orchestral work Veils. As first prize winner at the Stockholm Berwald Hall and top ten contribution in the international Masterprize competition Veils has been performed a dozen times and has been heard on radio all around the world. In 2013 Jörgen Dafgård was Composer of Spring at the Berwald Hall, where many of his orchestral works were performed, including a premiere of the clarinet concerto Caprism. In 2017 the premiere of Dafgård's soprano saxophone concerto Abrasax with Anders Paulsson was a great success.



Kosmisk Moder
For Eight Part Mixed Choir and Violonello

Commissioned by Körcentrum Syd and Petri Sångare
with support from the Helge Ax:son Johnson Foundation


Article in Sydvenskan

04 May 2013

Before Jörgen Dafgård's portrait concert as composer of spring at Berwaldhallen on May the 4th at 15:00 p.m. the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan published an interview with Dafgård, where he among other things tells about his new clarinet concerto. It will be premiered at the portrait concert by Andreas Sundén together with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and the conductor Christian Eggen, who will also begin the concert with Dafgård's Esprit and after the break will perform his Sinfonia No 1.

Portrait concert with premiere

29 Apr 2013

Composer of spring Jörgen Dafgård will be presented at a portrait concert on Saturday the 4th of May, at 3.00 p.m. at the Berwald hall in Stockholm. This will be the premiere of his newly written Clarinet Concerto with Andreas Sundén as soloist together with the conductor Christian Eggen and the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, which will also be heard in the first piece of the concert, Dafgård's Esprit and, after the intermission, in his Sinfonia No 1. One hour before the concert a pre-concert talk will be held with Katarina Lindblad and Jörgen Dafgård in the foyer of the Berwald Hall. The publisher Gehrmans will also have an exposition of Dafgård's scores in the foyer in connection with the concert. Jörgen Dafgård found inspiration for his Clarinet Concerto during a stay on Capri, where the isle's rocky terrain, the famous blue cave and the mythical history of the isle gave inspiration to one each of three movements of the almost half an hour long work. Originally written for an ensemble of eleven instruments, Esprit will be played by a larger force at the concert. It starts playfully, but gradually the course of events gets more and more adventurous and filled with excitement and drama, to finally reach a euforic ending. Like Esprit, Sinfonia No 1 is written in one continuous movement which can also be heard as a sequence of linked movements. Sinfonia No 1 develops towards a polyrhythmic synthesis of the two- and four-part rhythms of the introduction and the three-part rhythms introduced in the second movement. A lot happens on the way. The Clarinet Concerto was commissioned by the Berwald Hall. Esprit och Sinfonia No 1 were both commissioned by the Nordic Chamber Orchestra. More exhaustive programme notes to the latter two can be found on this site under "works". Here is a short trailer where Jörgen Dafgård tells a little about the Clarinet Concerto:

Jörgen Dafgård in Berwaldhallen's monthly programme magazine

29 Apr 2013

As an introduction to Jörgen Dafgård's portrait concert as composer of spring on May the 4th, the latest issue of Berwaldhallen's monthly programme magazine has two articles about the composer. Carlhåkan Larsén makes a both broad and thorough characterization and Mikaela Kindblom focuses on the works that will be performed at the portrait concert: Esprit, Sinfonia No 1 and a new Clarinet Concerto that will be premiered by Andreas Sundén. Christian Eggen will conduct the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra at the portrait concert at Berwaldhallen in Stockholm on May the 4th at 3.00 p.m.

Berwaldhallens programme magazine can be read in your browser here or be downloaded as a pdf file here.

Jörgen Dafgård portrayed in Nordic Highlights

28 Apr 2013

The latest issue of Nordic Highlights has an article by Carlhåkan Larsén about Jörgen Dafgård and his music. In addition to some biographical information and some interview reflections from the composer, it focuses to some extent on the works that will be performed at Jörgen Dafgård's Composer of Spring portrait concert at Berwaldhallen in Stockholm on Saturday the 4th, at 3:00 p.m. On that occasion the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, led by Christian Eggen, will perform Jörgen Dafgård's works Esprit and Sinfonia No 1, as well as his newly written Clarinet Concerto, which will be premiered with Andreas Sundén as soloist.

The article can be opened as a pdf in English on this link. On the linked page there are also some samples of Jörgen Dafgård's music.

Jörgen Dafgård tells about his composing

27 Apr 2013

Composer of Spring Jörgen Dafgård is presented in a section of his own on the website of the Stockholm Berwald Hall. Among other things this short movie by Bilbo Lantto can be found there where Jörgen Dafgård tells about his composing (in Swedish, but also including music, paintings, drawings, scores etc by Dafgård). Highly recommended for those interested!

Mahler Revisited published by Gehrmans

24 Apr 2013

The score and parts of Jörgen Dafgård's Mahler Revisited are now available through Gehrmans.

Mahler Revisited is a short recomposition of the second movement from Mahlers Fifth Symphony for a small chamber ensemble consisting of flute, violin, cello and piano. The beginning and ending of the Mahler movement are recognizable, but in between, most of it is completely different. Only a small portion of the thematic material is used – and in a very different way, emphasizing the inherent mechanical and polyrhythmic tendencies a lot. Clockworks, cogs and gear mechanisms may come to mind. Sporadically and at the end, the contrasting lyrical character breaks through.

Mahler Revisited was written for The Peärls Before Swïne Experience as a commission from the newspaper Dagens Nyheter for a series of remixes of classical masterpieces that was published on the newspaper's website in 2010. A studio recording of the piece was released on CD by Chamber Sound in 2011.

Veils and more on the (web) radio

15 Apr 2013

The Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra's performed Veils/Slöjor at two almost sold-out concerts at the Stockholm Berwald Hall under the direction of Manfred Honeck on April the 12th and 13th. The concert on April the 12th was broadcasted live on Swedish Radio P2 and will be sent again on April the 17th at 10.30 a.m. The live broadcast can be heard in recorded form on the web radio. At the time 00:27:05 in the broadcast the concert starts. Preceding the concert, an interview with Jörgen Dafgård starts at 00:03:12. In the intermission the Berwald Hall's head of planning Hanns Rodell then says a few words about Veils at 01:14:53.

On April the 12th the Swedish Radio P2 also brodcasted Jörgen Dafgård's choir piece My Garden – Like the Beach, in a recording with the Mikaeli Chamber Choir conducted by Anders Eby. This can be heard here. On the day before the Swedish Radio P2 also aired Jörgen Dafgård's piece For the Sleeping – Dream Sonata for viola and electronics, in a recording with Henrik Frendin, published on CD by Phono Suecia. This can be heard here at 00:48:57.

Review of Veils

14 Apr 2013

Today Svenska Dagbladet published a review of Friday's concert at the Stockholm Berwald Hall with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Manfred Honeck. This is what Sofia Lilly Jönsson writes about Veils/Slöjor: "Jörgen Dafgård is Composer of Spring at the Berwald Hall. Friday's concert therefore started with his Veils from 2000, a visual music that reminded me more of film noir than of the Orient (or wherever the veils came from). I am looking forward to hearing more from him."

Veils with SRSO and Manfred Honeck 12 and 13 April

05 Apr 2013

On April 12 and 13 the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra will perform Jörgen Dafgård's prize-winning piece Veils/Slöjor at the Stockholm Berwald Hall under the direction of Manfred Honeck, who led the premiere of the work in 2000. This will be the tenth and eleventh performance of Veils. Also on the programme: Tchaikovsky's Rococo Variations with Truls Mørk on cello and Bruckner's fourth symphony. The concert is part of the presentation of Jörgen Dafgård as Composer of Spring at the Berwald Hall.

Here the concert is presentad by Andreas Sundén (who will be the soloist in the premiere of Jörgen Dafgård's newly written Clarinet Concerto on May the 4th):

Clarinet Concerto by Jörgen Dafgård finished

03 Apr 2013

Jörgen Dafgård has written a Clarinet Concerto which is now finished and delivered. It will be premiered at the Berwald Hall on Saturday the 4th of May at 3.00 p.m. with Andreas Sundén as soloist and the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Christian Eggen. Jörgen Dafgård's Esprit and Sinfonia No 1 will also be preformed on the same concert, where Dafgård, as composer of spring in the Berwald Hall, is portrayed

The Clarinet Concerto is a bit over 28 minutes long and written in three movements with a total of 898 bars. The cooperation between Jörgen Dafgård and Andreas Sundén started around a year ago. Jörgen Dafgård found inspiration for the Clarinet Concerto during a stay on Capri for three weeks in Spring 2012. After having written the clarinet quintet Whims and Wizardry, which was premiered at Stöde Musikvecka in July 2012, Dafgård started to write seriously on the Clarinet Concerto in August 2012. The final barline was reached on March the 12th 2013. The Clarinet Concerto is published by Gehrmans.

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