JÖRGEN DAFGÅRD is a Sweden-based full time professional composer. Having just finished his diploma studies Dafgård made a striking debut in 2000 with his orchestral work Veils. As first prize winner at the Stockholm Berwald Hall and top ten contribution in the international Masterprize competition Veils has been performed a dozen times and has been heard on radio all around the world. In 2013 Jörgen Dafgård was Composer of Spring at the Berwald Hall, where many of his orchestral works were performed, including a premiere of the clarinet concerto Caprism. In 2017 the premiere of Dafgård's soprano saxophone concerto Abrasax with Anders Paulsson was a great success.



Kosmisk Moder
For Eight Part Mixed Choir and Violonello

Commissioned by Körcentrum Syd and Petri Sångare
with support from the Helge Ax:son Johnson Foundation


Eclipse soon to be premiered by Hugo Ticciati and Camerata Nordica

25 Oct 2018

Jörgen Dafgård's new concerto Eclipse for violin and string orchestra will soon be premiered by Hugo Ticciati and Camerata Nordica. The premiere will take place in Oskarshamn on October 27, followed by performances in Hultsfred and Kalmar on October 28 and 29. The concert program also includes works by Golijov, Pärt and Janáček.

More information about the concerts can be found here and here.

Hugo Ticciati (photo: Marco Borggreve) and Camerata Nordica (photo; Jonas Lindström studio)

Eclipse - new concerto finished and published

25 Sep 2018

Jörgen Dafgård recently finished a concerto for violin and string orchestra with the title Eclipse, which is now published by Gehrmans and will soon be premiered by the soloist Hugo Ticciati and Camerata Nordica.

Eclipse is the third work in a series of solo concertos that started with the clarinet concerto Caprism in 2013 and continued with the soprano saxophone concerto Abrasax in 2016. The concertos are related technically and formally but are built on different material, which has given each concerto its individual character.

Dafgård wrote Eclipse around a time when he stayed for a month in Paris, which is reflected stylistically in a certain French idiom shining through. Lightness but also intensity characterizes the outer movements, while the middle movement has more sombre weight. Eclipse is written for and in collaboration with the dynamic soloist Hugo Ticciati.

Cover and example from the score of Eclipse

Abrasax published by Gehrmans

21 Sep 2018

Jörgen Dafgård's soprano saxophone concerto Abrasax is now available in a new definitive edition published by Gehrmans. For this edition experiences from the recent much appreciated performances with the commissioning orchestras Jönköpings Sinfonietta and Västerås Sinfonietta have been taken into consideration. Abrasax is written for and dedicated to the soloist Anders Paulsson, who has generously shared his thoughts about the solo part. The new edition of Abrasax can be viewed online here.

The score of Abrasax with an example from the third movement including the virtuoso solo cadenza

Eva Sidén to perform Transcendens at Sandviken Chamber Music Festival

09 Aug 2018

The pianist and composer Eva Sidén will perform Jörgen Dafgård's piano piece Transcendens at a concert with Swedish music at the Sandviken Chamber Music Festival on August 11. The concert will take place in Kulturcentrum/Musikverket and starts at 3:00 pm.

Eva Sidén

Johan Dalene and MSO to premiere Jörgen Dafgård's Tableau Vivant

16 May 2018

Jörgen Dafgård's Tableau Vivant for violin and orchestra will be premiered early in 2019 by the young prodigy Johan Dalene and the Malmö Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Anja Bihlmaier.

Tableau Vivant is based on the concept of the soloist as a painter and the orchestra as the landscape that he is painting. While getting more and more involved in his creative act, the painter gets more and more drawn into the ever more living landscape that he paints.

The concert will take place in Malmö Live at 7pm on February the 7th 2019.

Johan Dalene

Upcoming publications on Gehrmans

09 May 2018

Four works by Jörgen Dafgård are awaiting publication on Gehrmans: the soprano saxophone concerto Abrasax (new edition), Tableau Vivant for violin and orchestra, a new violin concerto titled Eclipse and a new piano trio.

The music publisher Gehrmans, celebrating 125 years in 2018

Jörgen Dafgård's Volo opening up mini festival

21 Apr 2018

Jörgen Dafgård's Volo for string orchestra will be the opening piece of a mini festival in Lund celebrating the centennial jubilee of the Society of Swedish Composers. A program comprising works by nine Swedish composers from the last hundred years will be performed by Kammarorkester Öresund and soloists under the direction of Lennart Fredriksson in Magle Konserthus on April the 22th, starting at 3 pm. This is the eighth performace of Volo since its premiere with Musica Vitae in 2004. Volo is published by Edition Suecia in a slightly revised version from 2009. In this short trailer, made for the Berwald Hall, Jörgen Dafgård tells about the composition of Volo.

Short trailer introducing the performance of Volo by the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and conductor Jukka-Pekka Saraste at the Berwald Hall in 2013.

Brilliant review of Abrasax with Anders Paulsson in Västerås

27 Jan 2018

The performance of Jörgen Dafgård's Abrasax in Västerås was very favourably reviewed by the critic Birgit Ahlberg-Hyse in Västmanlands Läns Tidning:

"Dafgård's saxophone concerto was like tasting a new dish with an untried, very delicious main ingredient. The dark orchestral background provides the melancholy while the soprano saxophone straightens out a hopeful arabesque all the way.

In the second movement I enjoyed the groping, questioning and slightly touching thematic wind figures against the orchestra's mood-creating structure and, in the third movement, the exultant pitches that displayed both the instrument's brilliant sonorities and Paulsson's virtuosity.

The soprano saxophone may have the leading role but Dafgård has also cared a lot for the composition of the orchestral parts, not least in the winds.

Abrasax, Concerto for Soprano Saxophone and Orchestra is a commission from the Västerås Sinfonietta and the Jönköping Sinfonietta. When the cheering audience had calmed down, Anders Paulsson expressed his gratitude for the commissioning of this work. The audience has as much reason to be grateful."

The review. Jörgen Dafgård and soloist Anders Paulsson in the wings after the Västerås performance of Abrasax

Highly acclaimed Abrasax with Anders Paulsson in Västerås

26 Jan 2018

Västerås Sinfonietta opened their season with a program which included Jörgen Dafgård's soprano saxophone concerto Abrasax, performed by the virtuoso soloist Anders Paulsson and with Jessica Cottis at the conductor's desk, who with short notice had replaced Joanna Carneiro. The orchestra played with elegance and enthusiasm, inspired by the top notch musicianship of Anders Paulsson. The concerto was very well recieved by the audience, who responded with an unanimous standing ovation, after which Anders Paulsson gave an encore. A recording of the performance can be heard on Soundcloud.

Jörgen Dafgård, Anders Paulsson and Jessica Cottis on stage in front of the Västerås Sinfonietta

Anders Paulsson plays Dafgård's Abrasax with Västerås Sinfonietta

25 Jan 2018

Tonight the star soloist Anders Paulsson performs Jörgen Dafgård's soprano saxophone concerto Abrasax with the Västerås Sinfonietta and the conductor Jessica Cottis. Abrasax is written in three contrasting movements and has a continuous thread running through the whole piece which tells a story of defeat, recovery and ressurection. The premiere of the concerto last year with the Jönköping Sinfonietta was a great success. "What a wonderful experience" was the headline of a review. Abrasax is co-commissioned by the sinfoniettas in Jönköping and Västerås and published by Gehrmans. The concert starts at 7.00 pm at the concert hall of Västerås and is preceded by an introduction at 6.00 pm.

Anders Paulsson

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